2015 reflections

2015 Reflections

As I continue to grow as an artist, I find immense value in going back and reflecting on work I've completed in the past. I'm good at dating most of my works and it is heartening, especially when I'm struggling with a particular piece, to see how much progress I've made.

Above is a montage of one art experience from each month of last year. I had an incredible 2015, with so many wonderful and fulfilling experiences and not just with my art. But I forced myself to pick just one art related item for each month.

Left to right, top to bottom...

  1. January - I made my first art video with Gumnuts and Gum Leaves
  2. February - We had the driest summer in Central Otago, New Zealand, about 20 years and I painted many, many abstract landscapes trying to try to capture this. The photo above is of "When you come to the end of the day."
  3. March - I revisited an old and favourite theme of mine, "Feathers"
  4. April - Two group exhibitions - Wanaka Arts Society Easter Exhibition and Arrowtown Autumn Festival
  5. May - Autumn leaves everywhere inspired a number of collage works
  6. June - Back to our home away from home in France and urban sketching in pen and watercolour.
  7. July - Blob Monsters in Norway with my friend Heidi
  8. August - Hiding from the summer crowds in tiny little villages in Devoluy, France and lots and lots of urban sketching
  9. September - Venice! Three wonderful days on my own, getting lost and sketching.
  10. October - Climbing, swimming, exploring, painting in Sardegna
  11. November - Back to my home studio and painting in acrylics. Completing my largest painting ever, "Feathers 4"
  12. December - My first arts and crafts market in Wanaka, New Zealand

Looking back through the photos this afternoon it seems incredible how much has been packed into just 12 months.

So now it's 2016 and time to give thought to the future. Continuing to grow as an artist, learning new skills and finding my voice. More on that next time.

Happy New Year everyone!


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