Friday 25 August 2023

paint a zebra in watercolour


Zebra - pen and watercolour

By the time you watch this video I will be in South Africa visiting my parents and we'll be in the Kruger National Park, hopefully seeing zebras in the flesh. Of course I'll have my sketchbook with me and I'll be sketching memories of our holiday, but before I left for the trip I couldn't help getting a head start. And painting something with you of course!

This gorgeous photo on Unsplash caught my eye. Such an intimate view of the zebra and such beautiful lighting. I knew that it would just glow in watercolours.

This may be one of my favourite paintings of all time.

Happy painting!

Full video tutorial on Patreon and on Renee's Studio.

Thanks to Hans Vens on Unsplash for the reference photo.

Saturday 19 August 2023

free watercolour tutorial - a little ermita


a little chapel in a field of summer flowers

The Ermita de San Anton is a lovely, historic building on one of our favourite walks. I've sketched it many times before when I'm walking past, but this is the first time that I've done a full painting of the pretty place.

On one of our walks past the little chapel recently, the grassy patch in front was full of summer flowers and humming with bees and butterflies. I thought making a feature of these colourful wild flowers would make a fun scene to paint. Plus there's the wonderful stonework on the ermita too.

This tutorial is the free tutorial offered on my new iPad and iPhone app, Renee's Studio. Get the app here.

Happy painting!

Wednesday 16 August 2023

announcing the launch of Renee’s Studio


Watercolour tutorials on Renee’s Studio

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Renee’s Studio - my own iOS app for all my watercolour tutorials.

Perfect for your iPad or iPhone, there are over 50 tutorials there already and I’m adding new content every week.

You know I love to paint everything, so there’s a whole range of subjects - landscapes, buildings, seascapes, animals and more. There’s a range of difficulty levels from basic skills lessons right through to fine art style paintings. It’s all beautifully laid out and you can filter the content to easily find a tutorial or add something to you favourites to watch later.

David, my genius husband, did all the programming and patiently added all the features I asked for. I’m over the moon to have a dedicated space to feature all my favourite tutorials.

To get you started there are 2 free tutorials, including the pretty ermita in a field of summer flowers, shown in first slide in the photo above. Once you’ve subscribed you’ll have access to all the videos, step-by-steps, challenges and a large number of articles answering common questions.

Available for iPad, iPhone and newer Macs. Find it here …

Friday 11 August 2023

a little norwegian boathouse


paint a norwegian boathouse in watercolours

Such a wonderfully Norwegian type scene - the rainy sky, the lush green grass and the little yellow boathouse with it's tidy white flashings. It's just how I remember it being along many of the fjords.

In this lesson we have a lot of fun with the bright colours and the interesting reflections in the glassy water.

Happy painting!

Full step-by-step lesson on Patreon or Renee's Studio