Friday 28 April 2023

a little street in chulilla, valencia, spain


Let's walk into the town of Chulilla, to one of the little streets leading up to the church. Here the focus is on the play of light and shadow on the pretty white houses.

This is our third lesson in Chulilla - we've sketch a few houses close up with lots of detail, a larger portion of the town with minimal detail and, in this one, the detail is somewhere in between.

Thursday 13 April 2023

an almond orchard in watercolour


An almond orchard in pen and watercolour

A few weeks ago the almond blossoms were out in full abundance. Solid white trees, lots of bees and a wonderful smell.
You may have seen my sketch that I did of this orchard on Facebook or Instagram. I did a lot of planning on how to capture white trees in watercolour. As soon as I finished the sketch I knew I wanted to paint it again - this time in the comfort of a studio setup and on a proper piece of paper.

This lesson has a lot of skills for you to try - a perfect example of one-point perspective, lost edges, hard edges, soft edges, reserving of the white paper and dynamic shadows.

Join me in indulging in lots of lovely pastel colours!

How to paint white trees in watercolour

Thursday 6 April 2023

the town of chulilla, valencia, spain


Chulilla, Valencia, Spain. Painting in pen and watercolour

I'm still in Chulilla, having a wonderful time painting the lovely white houses.

In our last lesson (a step-by-step) we sketched just a few houses, zooming in on all the details.

In this lesson we step right back and paint a much larger portion of the town, including the old moorish castle on the hill and the surrounding cliffs and bushes. We're going to minimise the detail, until we have just enough to make the town recognisable.