Saturday 24 October 2015

island time

David and I love the Mediterranean. It suits me especially because I love the sea, but I'm a real scaredy-cat when it comes to waves. It's not that I'm not a good swimmer, it's just that I was born way inland and the sea, I believe, demands some respect!

So each year when we visit Europe we try to take a holiday from our holiday and visit an island. Sardinia was our choice this year. Our second visit to this little paradise confirmed that is is just right for us - the sea is warm and clear with lovely snorkelling, there are mountains with big, unspoilt places to explore, lots and lots of rock climbing by the sea, old villages to sketch, and new BASE jumps to open. And the people are warm and friendly. Perfect!

Here are some pictures from the trip...

Pedra Longa - a limestone rock tower by the sea.
We climbed this one morning. The other side to my sketch. 

Climbing on Pedra Longa. 7 lovely pitches with the waves crashing below

Pedra Longa from the top of Punta Giradilli. 
A very special place to make a BASE jump from, with landing on a beach by the sea. 

David jumping from Punta Su Malone with a view of Pedra Longa. 

Red granite sea stacks near to Cea. 

Chiesa di San Nicola, Baunei 

In the back streets of Baunei. 
The little stone building is a for sale and a nice 'little' fix-me-upper for someone keen. 

In the back streets of Baunei 

The two of us on top of Agulia Goloritze 

We're boring everyone at the moment with constant photos, stories and videos. We know we want to go back next year. Who's in?

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