Thursday, March 15, 2018

a coffee cup to colour

Shiny stainless steel coffee cup and jug in ink and watercolour

Free colouring page!

I had some fun with reflections on a very shiny coffee cup and jug, and thought you might like to play along.

Here is the black and white file for you to colour yourself. Just print it out on some nice paper and colour in the medium of your choice. You could try watercolours like mine, or coloured pencils, or felt tip pens.

I'd love to see your version. Share your completed painting on my Facebook page.

Line drawing of reflections in a stainless steel cup for you to colour yourself.

To save the image...
Click on the black and white image above to enlarge it.
Then right click and choose "Save image as..." to save it your computer.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

upcoming exhibition

Along with fellow Wanaka Arts Society members Jo Nimmo, Jenny Hill, Susie Ruddenklau, Karen Scott, Joanne Deaker, Kym Beaton, I will be exhibiting at next week's Wanaka A&P Show.

Original artworks for sale in a range of mediums, subjects and sizes by local artists.

Find us in the marquee at site 5 and 6 near the Wanaka skatepark. Enter through Gate 2.

Map of Wanaka A&P Show. Art Exhibition at Site Y6.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, February 19, 2018

the perfect summer

"The Perfect Summer" - commissioned abstract painting

After all the little ones from the last week, I just had to share this big beauty.

This bold painting was commissioned by a couple of lovely friends of mine. They are building a new home and said they would like a large painting by me done now as they just start building, so that they can design their new interior and home decor around it. To say I felt flattered would be understatement of the year!

We spoke about what they had in mind, we looked at a number of completed paintings I had in my studio, we talked about colours and theme and then I sent them a few ideas I put together in photoshop. They choose one and then gave me free reign to do my thing and have some fun. The whole process was an absolute joy.

Thanks L & G

"The Perfect Summer"
76 x 76cm
Mixed media on exhibition canvas

Get in touch if you would like to commission a painting. I'd love to chat about what you have in mind.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

little unframed abstracts

New abstract landscapes on paper

For the upcoming A&P show in Wanaka, which is in just 3 weeks (yikes!), I've decided to add a number of small, unframed, abstract landscapes to my collection. These are an affordable art option.

I'm also offering them for sale prior to the show.

Here are the first 4 completed ones. Big skies, mountains in the distance, fields that go on forever, a sweep of river and sliver of lake. So very Central Otago-ish!

Painting details...
Acrylics on watercolour paper
NZ$120 + shipping

Contact me for details.


"Just on dark"


"Clutha Blues"

Contact me for details and follow me on Facebook or Instagram as I will be releasing more of these over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

we've been framing

"Connection" - acrylics on wood

David and I have added frames to a number of my abstract landscape pieces painted on wood and canvas board. These are hidden frames, situated behind the painting, so they float 2cm away from the wall. The framing is simple, allowing the sides of the painting to be seen, and giving a sleek, uncluttered look.

Here are 4 of the recently framed pieces...

"Connection" (above)
Acrylic painting on wood
Board size is 295 x 420mm

"It Never Ends" (below)
Mixed media painting on canvas board
Painting size is 305 x 406mm 

"It Never Ends" - mixed media on canvas board

"Tell Me A Story" (below)
Mixed media painting on canvas board
Board size is 305 x 406mm

"Tell Me A Story" - mixed media on canvas board

"They Say It's Going To Rain" (below)
Mixed media painting on canvas board
Board size is 305 x 406mm

"They say it's going to rain" - mixed media on canvas board

Ready to hang on your wall!

Initialled on the front. Signed and dated on the back. Framed and complete with hanging string.
All four paintings are available here and with lots of photos of each painting so you can see all the lovely details.

I will post other newly framed works soon.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

shop update - 3 new abstract landscapes

"The Good Life" - acrylics on untempered masonite

I have just added 3 new abstract landscapes to my shop. You can find them here.

"The Good Life"
Acrylics on untempered masonite
30 x 40.5cm

Acrylics, acrylic inks and pencil on canvas
45 x 61cm

"Not So Far Away"
Acrylics on canvas
45 x 45cm

"Soar" abstract landscape on canvas

"Not so far away" - abstract landscape on canvas

You can find them here.

Friday, January 12, 2018

painting postcards

It's a long time since I've painted a postcard for my followers! The last one was way back in October last year. It went from Spain to Canada.

So next week I will be giving away both of the postcards in the video above to someone who follows me on Facebook and a friend of their choice. Yay!

Make sure you follow me on Facebook so that you don't miss out.

Postcards - mini abstract landscape paintings

Happy Friday!

Friday, January 5, 2018

a love of trees

"Not so far away" - acrylics on canvas

In the last month I have been including trees in my abstract landscapes again. The one above is my latest one, finished just a couple of days ago. While I was painting it I was thinking back on all the trees I've painted over the years. I mean the the ones that have been an important part of the story the painting is telling, not just ones that form a background to another focal point like a building or mountain.

Trees have been an ongoing theme for me. I add them to a painting to tell a story. The way trees are shaped, rooted to the ground or rocks, their colours and size carries message or an emotion in the same way the expression on a face can. Trees routed to the ground give a sense of place. Solitary trees give a sense of space, isolation, or serenity. Knarled trees have character, a reflection of the life they have led. Not all my trees are serious, though, often I just want to convey the beauty of nature, the joy of colour, the whimsy of imagination.

Plus, I'm definitely a tree hugger. Ask any of my friends. No walk in the bush is complete without a tree hug.

So this morning while waiting for paint to dry (the ongoing occupational hazard of a painter!), I dug way back in my archives to find some of my favourite tree paintings from the years.


From 2007...

"Things I left behind" - acrylics on canvas

"Room to grow" - acrylics and oil pastel on canvas

From 2012

"The Lollipop Tree" - acrylics over collage on canvas

"The Three Poplars" - acrylics on canvas

"Summer Holiday" - acrylics on canvas

From 2013

"Embrace" - acrylics on canvas

From 2014

"The Leafy Baobab" - acrylics over collage on canvas

From 2017

"Where I Belong" - acrylics on canvas

"Where I Belong 2" - acrylics on canvas

Here's to more trees for 2018. I'm already excited to clear my studio of current projects and do a large one :-)

Of the paintings shown here, only the top one is still available (please enquire). I have a number of little ones not shown available here.