Tuesday 15 December 2020

live online painting class - rusty truck



What a lovely fun this was! 6 lovely students from USA, Canada and Australia and we painted a scene that I've been wanting to do for years. I drive past this old truck all the time and I've been wanting to put it on paper before it goes off to old truck heaven. Plus painting rust in watercolour is the biz :-)

Next Zoom class will be towards the end of January 2021. Sign up to my newsletter to be in the loop.

My version...

Rusty Truck - demo watercolour painting from live online class

Saturday 5 December 2020

new online watercolour painting lesson - periwinkles

Periwinkles in watercolour - botanical painting lesson

Lots of folks have been asking me to do a botanical tutorial and here one is. I really enjoyed painting this one and I'm so happy to share it with you. I mean, what colour is prettier than periwinkle blue?

This is my longest video tutorial so far, because I explain everything ... how to take photos of flowers you're going to paint from, ideas for composition, how to mix colours to match your flowers and leaves, wet in wet and glazing techniques, and tricks to make your flowers look 3 dimensional.

Paint periwinkles in watercolour with me. Full lesson is only NZ$10. Find it here.