Friday 15 December 2017

set of small abstract paintings

Small abstract paintings - reflections of the landscape around my home

I am sure it's no news to you that I love the fields, mountains and lakes around my home. And that I love birds and trees. And that I love painting little paintings :-)

So I have a new set of little abstract paintings - 2 on wood, 5 on canvas. They're really fantastic, affordable art and they are all available here ... small abstract paintings for sale.

Finishing touches with the tiniest brush imaginable!

"Where I Belong" - abstract landscape with New Zealand Cabbage Tree

"Alone" - winter abstract landscape painting

All seven mini abstracts are available here -  small abstract paintings for sale.

Thursday 14 December 2017

heading south - new abstract landscape painting

"Heading South" - abstract landscape painting

At first glance this painting seems to be almost monochrome, a calming and serene blue and white. A closer look reveals a rich layering of colour, creating a depth to the water in the foreground.

The sweep of birds over the mountains is a contrast to the calm of the blue lake and, along with the vintage postcard image, represents a journey at the change of seasons.

"Heading South"
Acrylics and gold ink on untempered masonite
50.5cm x 60cm (0.5mm thick)
Sides of the panel are painted white


"Heading South" - abstract landscape painting

Detail of "Heading South" - sweep of birds over lake and mountains with vintage postcard image

Detail of "Heading South" - fine gold ink line above the teal stripe

Detail of "Heading South" - layers of colour give the water a sense of depth

Detail of "Heading South" - a sweep of birds and a vintage postcard

"Heading South" is available for purchase - Available here.

Monday 4 December 2017

small abstracts

Small abstract paintings - super fun grouped together

This afternoon I added a new section to my shop with a number of small abstracts. I love painting these little gems. It's fun to use them to add a little touch of colour to a shelf or wall. And, somehow, small paintings seem to draw you in to see all the details.

Available here - and on sale until 24 December.

"Refresh 1" and "Refresh 2" - abstract landscape paintings inspired by Central Otago lakes. SOLD

"Summer fields, summer hills 1"- abstract landscape painting SOLD

Colour Me Happy - 2 small abstract paintings to hang together.

Small abstracts available here -

Saturday 2 December 2017

artwork sale

I have artwork coming out of my ears! It's true. And I'd rather it was coming out of my brush and onto new canvasses, paper and panels :-)

So to clear some space in my studio and my home, I'm running a special on all artwork on my website until 24 December. This will include all new paintings I add to the shop in the next few weeks. Yippeeeee!

So pop along here -

Tuesday 28 November 2017

reflections - new abstract painting

"Reflections" - abstract landscape on wood

As often happens when I start a new series of abstract landscape paintings, each new one becomes a bit simpler in composition as I eliminate elements and find that sweet spot in painting the essence of what I am trying to say and how the series is making me feel.

This painting is larger than the previous two, and yet the simplicity feels right. The depth of colours and the minimal lines feel enough for me. I'm falling in love with these layers of blue more and more.

Acrylics, pencil and gold ink on untempered masonite
50.5cm x 60cm (0.5mm thick)
Sides of the panel are painted white

NZ$450 + shipping

Enquire about this painting.

Detail of "Reflections" - abstract landscape

Detail of "Reflections" - abstract landscape

Detail of "Reflections" - abstract landscape

Enquire about this painting.

Saturday 25 November 2017

sea glass - new abstract landscape

"Sea Glass" - abstract landscape painting

The second one in this series of blue abstract landscapes. The almost pearly blue-green colours reminded me of bits of worn glass you pick up by the sea.

"Sea Glass"
Acrylics, pencil and gold ink on untempered masonite
30cm x 40.5cm (0.5mm thick)
Sides of the board are painted white

NZ$200 + shipping

Enquire about this painting

Detail of "Sea Glass" - abstract landscape painting

Detail of "Sea Glass" - abstract landscape painting

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Thursday 23 November 2017

pond - new abstract landscape

"Pond" abstract landscape painting on canvas

Inspired by the beautiful Lake Hawea, which is just 5 min walk from home, I am currently painting a group of abstract landscapes in a range pretty blues. The blue colours filling my studio at the moment are a wonderfully refreshing contrast to the heat outside.

What about the lines?
They represent bridges, the connections between places, travel and journeys. As a South African born New Zealander who currently spends 6 months a year in Europe, journeys (both physical and spiritual) are an ongoing theme of mine.

Acrylics, pencil and gold ink on canvas
22.5cm x 30.5cm (3.5cm deep)
Sides of the canvas are painted white
Ready to hang, no need to frame


Enquire about this painting.

Detail of "Pond" - blue abstract landscape painting

Detail of "Pond" - blue abstract landscape painting

Detail of "Pond" - blue abstract landscape painting

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Monday 6 November 2017

little mountain villages - calendar 2018

I took a trip down memory lane yesterday and made a calendar with 13 of my sketches of little mountain villages in France, Spain and Italy.

It is available through Redbubble and can ship anywhere in the world.…/28746230-little-mountain-villag…

I hope you like the choices I made. I can tell you it wasn't easy, but it was such fun paging back through my sketchbooks.

Thursday 7 September 2017

little french villages

Archiane, south Vercors mountains, France

Two months in France have just flown by and I have finished my first large sketchbook - the Fabriano one shown above. I've also added scores of little landscapes sketches to my little pocket Moleskine I take hiking with me.

We didn't travel around all that much this time, just staying in a few of our favourite places and catching up with as many friends as we could.

Here are a selection of completed sketches from some of the little villages we visited.

Treminis, Devoluy mountains, France

The super, super old 'La Mere Eglise', Devoluy, France.

Getting caught up in the details. Old door, Le Seuil.

Little postcard, Fouillouse, France.

L'Abbaye du Laverq, Barcelonnette, France

The window on Chapelle Saint-Antoine, near Saint Paul sur Ubaye, France

Postcard love!

This summer, as we travel around Europe, I am sending original watercolour postcards to people all over the world. You can see one I sent from Fouillouse a couple of pictures above.
To enter to receive a postcard you should follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Au revoir! Until next time which will probably be from Spain. 

Friday 18 August 2017

sketching little spanish villages

Plan, Spanish Pyrenees

My poor blog has been unattended as we travel through Europe, because we haven't had enough mobile data to keep it up to date. Today I'm at a friend's house in France and I thought I'd hop onto their wifi and do a bit of time travelling back to little villages in Spain.

These are some of the sketches I did back in May and June this year while we were in the Spanish Pyrenees. We'll be back there in a couple of weeks and I'm dying to revisit unfinished business - so many villages, so little time :-)

Fields of poppies, a sure sign of spring in Europe. Organya, Spain

Tella, Spanish Pyrenees. This sketch is sold.

Torla, gateway to Ordesa National Park, Pyrenees, Spain.

There's a village called Sin :-)

Historic house, Sin, Spanish Pyrenees.

Ermita de la Fuensanta.

Watercolour postcard of a Ermita near Tella, Spain.

Historic building, Sin, Spain.

You can purchase my sketches

A number of people have asked if my watercolour sketches are available. They certainly are! They are easy to remove from the spiral bound book.
A few sketches have already been sold, but a number are still available.

You can purchase them if you see me in person. Or you can message me about a particular sketch and I will post it to you when we return to New Zealand.

Original sketches are 85euros + postage if applicable.

You can view all the sketches from Spain on Instagram.

Please contact me for more details :-)

Monday 14 August 2017

hiking sketch kit

Sketching above Lac Premier, near Fouillouse, France

I've taken sketching gear pretty much everywhere with me. I even took a super super lightweight kit with me when we went on a climbing trip to Patagonia.

But over the years my hiking kit has become more and more elaborate. And when I bought a big, new, fancy camera I couldn't fit both it and my sketch gear in my bag. So, shame on me!, I've been hiking with my camera instead of my sketchbook for the last 6 months or so.

A couple of purchases was all that was necessary to create a new super lightweight sketch kit and I've been sketching (and photographing) in the hills again.

Here's is what is in my hiking sketching kit...

Hiking and painting outside - what is in my sketch kit

  • Small sketchbook - currently a Hahnemuhle pocket watercolour sketchbook
  • Update : Lamy Safari fountain pen with EF nib and DeAtramentis black document ink
  • Waterproof black marker - a Staedtler pigment liner 01(as backup in case I run out of ink in my fountain pen)
  • A white pen - Uniball Signo
  • Small travel watercolour set - Winsor & Newton palette, mostly filled with Daniel Smith paints
  • Aqua water paintbrush - Pentel... Update June 2019 - now using Escoda Perla 08 travel brush
  • Pencil, sharpener and eraser
  • And a little baggie from our flight on Emirates for putting it all in.

It weighs almost nothing :-) 

I'm having so much fun stopping on my big walks and taking in all the sights, smells and sounds. Catching little critters unaware. Taking time to breathe.

Sommet Rouge, near Saint Paul sur Ubaye, France

Les Eaux Tortes, Laverq Valley, France

I should have a follow up post with my more elaborate kit that I take when I do my urban sketches. In essence it mainly varies by having a much bigger palette, nice fountain pens, and a variety of good watercolour brushes.

As always you can see more on my Instagram account - @reneewaldenart

Tuesday 25 April 2017

autumn inspiration

Clutha River in autumn

It's a crazy life. This week we've been immersed in enjoying autumn and next week we'll be enjoying spring. Yes, it's time to pack again for our annual migration to the Northern Hemisphere. Time to pack up the house, and my studio, say goodbye to our beautiful dog and head to Spain for adventures in our little van.

Last couple of days of the crisp, frosty mornings, calm days, spectacular autumn colours, bike rides and swims with Zulu dog.

Clutha River in autumn

Watercolour sketch of from the Lake Wanaka Outlet

Reflections near Alexandra

Norwegian Maple in autumn colours

Working on a pattern of Liquidambar leaves

Autumn campfire

Next post should be from somewhere in Spain :-)

You can follow my sketching adventures here on this blog, on Facebook or Instagram.