Thursday 23 February 2023

sant joan del codolar, catalunya, spain


Sant Joan del Codolar, Catalunya. Pen and watercolour.

The sanctuary of Sant Joan del Codelar is nestled in some huge, old cypresses, and at the foot of the Montsant Range, just inland from Tarragona in Spain. It's one of our favourite places for the absolute tranquility, unspoilt nature and the cliffs for rock climbing.

I've sketched the chapel buildings many times over the years and from all different angles and in different lights. It's allowed me to become so familiar with the place and given me a wonderful opening for meeting and chatting with guardian of the buildings.

And yet, there's always a surprise of a new view. One evening recently we scrambled up one of the boulders to view the ermita from above. What a wonderful surprise to be seeing it from such an unusual angle and to view some of the tops of the cypresses too. So I was back first thing the next morning to perch in the same spot, with paper and paints in my bag.

I hope you enjoy following along.

Friday 10 February 2023

the eiffel tower in spring


The Eiffel Tower in spring. Pen & watercolour

It's the season of love! And this week on Patreon there's a full lesson for this watercolour painting of the Eiffel Tower in spring and peeping through some pink blossoms.

Full video lesson, drawing to trace and reference photos here.

Friday 3 February 2023

a butterfly on a cosmos flower


Watercolour butterfly on a cosmos flower

I must be ready for spring! 

This week on Patreon we paint a butterfly on a cosmos flower - a perfect lesson for my students in the southern hemisphere who are in the height of summer at the moment and for those of us in the northern hemisphere dreaming of spring.

Full video tutorial here.

Thursday 2 February 2023

atmospheric landscapes with the hawaii watercolor society


Storm - demo painting from a workshop with the Hawaii Watercolor Society

A super fun weekend painting with 15 members of the Hawaii Watercolor Society via Zoom. Our theme was "Atmospheric Landscapes" and I chose 2 scenes - a storm with a lovely stone and wooden barn, and a sunset at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Tekapo. Here are my two demo paintings and some of the finished paintings from the society members.

Sunset at The Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo - demo painting

Student works...

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