Friday 15 December 2017

set of small abstract paintings

Small abstract paintings - reflections of the landscape around my home

I am sure it's no news to you that I love the fields, mountains and lakes around my home. And that I love birds and trees. And that I love painting little paintings :-)

So I have a new set of little abstract paintings - 2 on wood, 5 on canvas. They're really fantastic, affordable art and they are all available here ... small abstract paintings for sale.

Finishing touches with the tiniest brush imaginable!

"Where I Belong" - abstract landscape with New Zealand Cabbage Tree

"Alone" - winter abstract landscape painting

All seven mini abstracts are available here -  small abstract paintings for sale.

Thursday 14 December 2017

heading south - new abstract landscape painting

"Heading South" - abstract landscape painting

At first glance this painting seems to be almost monochrome, a calming and serene blue and white. A closer look reveals a rich layering of colour, creating a depth to the water in the foreground.

The sweep of birds over the mountains is a contrast to the calm of the blue lake and, along with the vintage postcard image, represents a journey at the change of seasons.

"Heading South"
Acrylics and gold ink on untempered masonite
50.5cm x 60cm (0.5mm thick)
Sides of the panel are painted white


"Heading South" - abstract landscape painting

Detail of "Heading South" - sweep of birds over lake and mountains with vintage postcard image

Detail of "Heading South" - fine gold ink line above the teal stripe

Detail of "Heading South" - layers of colour give the water a sense of depth

Detail of "Heading South" - a sweep of birds and a vintage postcard

"Heading South" is available for purchase - Available here.

Monday 4 December 2017

small abstracts

Small abstract paintings - super fun grouped together

This afternoon I added a new section to my shop with a number of small abstracts. I love painting these little gems. It's fun to use them to add a little touch of colour to a shelf or wall. And, somehow, small paintings seem to draw you in to see all the details.

Available here - and on sale until 24 December.

"Refresh 1" and "Refresh 2" - abstract landscape paintings inspired by Central Otago lakes. SOLD

"Summer fields, summer hills 1"- abstract landscape painting SOLD

Colour Me Happy - 2 small abstract paintings to hang together.

Small abstracts available here -

Saturday 2 December 2017

artwork sale

I have artwork coming out of my ears! It's true. And I'd rather it was coming out of my brush and onto new canvasses, paper and panels :-)

So to clear some space in my studio and my home, I'm running a special on all artwork on my website until 24 December. This will include all new paintings I add to the shop in the next few weeks. Yippeeeee!

So pop along here -