Wednesday 28 July 2021

live online class coming up

It's happening! This Sunday I'll be teaching an online class, live and on location from Ainsa in the Spanish Pyrenees. 

I'll be painting step-by-step and you can paint along. There's plenty of time for questions and after the lesson I'll be able to give individual feedback.

Spots are limited to 10 folks for a relaxed and intimate class.


Tuesday 20 July 2021

hola espana y hola verano!


In the medieval town of Ainsa

It's a topsy turvy world right now and for lots of folk it seems crazy that we'd want to travel halfway across the world. But, wow! It's so good to be back in Spain, enjoying the start of summer, catching up with dear friends, exploring the hills and diving into sketching my absolute favourite subjects. Couldn't be happier :-)

Here are some of my sketches from the last few weeks...

Ermita de la Espelunga, Pena Montenesa, Pyrenees

Chicory - growing everywhere at the moment. Such a tough little flower.

Aransa, Pyrenees, Cataluna

Pineta Valley, Pyrenees

Wild alpine irises and a little alpine hut, Pyrenees, Spain

Serveto, sketcher's paradise, Pyrenees, Spain

Little alpine farm shed, Pyrenees, Spain

Small scabious with five-spot burnet (a day time moth)

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Hasta luego!