Sunday 22 February 2015

here in the quiet hills

We're having a drought in Central Otago, New Zealand. It's not official yet, but locals and farmers know that it hasn't been this dry since 1998 or so.

The grass on the fields is golden, full of yellow daisies, the far hills brown with purple shadows, the snow capped mountains seem to recede into the endless blue sky. It's hot and often windy, calm days are "a scorcher" (a Kiwi term).

It's a great summer if you're not trying to farm anything.

I knew when I started this painting I wanted to have a large yellow field in the foreground, and a big blue sky. And although I wanted to include the lake and hills we have here, I wanted them to be a much less dominant part of the composition.

Painting "Here in the quiet hills"

Collage with first wash of colour

Adding the abstract landscape. I knew I wanted a large yellow field, with a very big sky.

More layers of colour

"Here in the quiet hills" - mixed media, abstract landscape on wood.

"Here in the quiet hills" - detail

"Here in the quiet hills" - detail

"Here in the quiet hills"

"Here in the quiet hills"
23 x 30.5cm
Mixed media on wood
AVAILABLE : NZ$180 + shipping

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