a new dawn

"A New Dawn" - acrylic painting on wood

I'm still working on my "In My Backyard" series - paintings reflecting the beautiful environment around me. And when I spotted these large, prickly, beautiful scotch thistles while walking my dog the other day, I knew I had to pick some (actually I got my husband to do it - ouch!) and do a painting in the style of the Crazy Poppy Heads of the day before.

When I start to paint, even if I have an idea of what the subject is going to be, what is going on in my life comes out on the canvas and influences the final painting. How I'm feeling seems to reflect my colour choices, or position of elements, or doodles I do, or sometimes something so subtle I only notice it afterwards. My heart is on the canvas! 

When I'm sad and I paint, I often don't like the finished painting, even if others do - they often can't see what I can. But I also think that how they're feeling influences what they see in a painting and their response can be so different to mine. It's wonderful.

For the past week I've been a little stressed and sad. I have a few friends going through some rough times, and I'm a little emotional. At first I thought I shouldn't paint, because the paintings would be sad too. But then I had a great idea - I would paint, but I was only allowed to have happy colours on my palette - turquoise, pink, purple, gold, yellow. Yes, colour therapy!

Detail of "A New Dawn"

So "A New Dawn" was born. It is still rather a crazy painting, full of turmoil. But my friends are recovering and my painting is bright and riotous and, to me anyway, full of hope.

Detail of "A New Dawn"


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