Wednesday 25 February 2015

summer dreaming

"Crazy Poppy Heads" and "A New Dawn", paintings I did a few weeks ago, need a companion I think. I've been wanting to paint Foxgloves for quite a while. Around here these grow wild in shady places and are pink, yellow or white.

What I really love about Foxgloves is looking deep inside and studying the dots. These are meant to be intriguing to bees. Perhaps I'm part bee?

Starting the background...

More layers...

Little doodles in acrylic ink...

Finished painting...

Painting by Renee Walden
"Summer Dreaming" - acrylics on recycled placemat


Painting of foxgloves on recycled placemat by Renee Walden
Detail of "Summer Dreaming"

Foxgloves painting by Renee Walden

"Summer Dreaming"
21.5 x 28.5cm
Mixed media on wood
AVAILABLE : NZ$180 + shipping

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