Wednesday 4 March 2015

after the rain

Mixed media abstract landscape on canvas by Renee Walden
"After the rain" - mixed media on canvas

After weeks and weeks we've had some rain. I feel like one of the plants soaking it up, feeling refreshed and clean. I'm a summer girl so I hope this doesn't mean the start of autumn, but I do appreciate the rain when it is very rare :-)

I knew when I started this painting that I wanted something light and cheerful. Something more like one from my "In a Happy Place" series from a couple of years ago. The other painting I'm working on at the same time is rather dark and moody, so I wanted something quite different for this one.

I didn't have a clear idea about the subject matter, only the colours, so I just dove right in covering the scary white of the canvas. Here is an early picture, laying down the background....

First layers of colour - in progress

As soon as I added the green over the pink I got all excited - the 2 colours worked so well together. I just wanted to do more and more of this. I also suddenly realised the green was a reflection of the sudden change in the lawn outside my window since the day of rain.

I then deepened some of the background colours and roughed in a landscape using a little colllage.

Mixed media abstract landscape in progress

And made the most of the various pinks next to various greens. Here are some detail photos...

Detail photo


And the final painting...

Mixed media on canvas by Renee Walden
"After the rain" - mixed media on canvas

"After the rain"
Mixed media on exhibition canvas
30cm x 30cm x 4cm
NZ$260 + shipping

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