Monday 24 January 2022

upcoming online course - perspective in practise


Perspective in practise - online painting course with Renee Walden

Every good watercolour painting of an urban scene starts with a good drawing. In most art books you'll find a whole section explaining the theory of linear perspective, but these 'rules' can be confusing or sometimes even downright impractical in practice.

Join me in this 3 lesson online mini-course where I'll explain the theory and then give you guidelines of how to put the theory into practice. We'll work from photographs, but I'll also explain how you can approach a scene when painting on location.

There will be 3 lessons, each 3 hours long. In each lesson we will...

- Start with some theory. I'll provide you with notes you can printout and keep.
- Then we'll draw a scene together putting the theory into practise.
- Finally we'll paint our scene in pen and watercolour.
- After the lesson you can send me your finished painting for feedback and ask any questions you might have thought of post lesson.

Class dates …
Sundays, 30 January, 6 Februay and 13 February, 9am New Zealand Time.

UPDATE : Course is full :-)

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