Sunday 18 December 2016

summertime : out and about

Flooded forest - lines, intersections

After many weeks of painting birds, and 7 whole months of just watercolours, I now have my acrylics out. That means lots of playing with paint, getting paint everywhere and on everything and abstracts. Abstract landscapes, in fact.

Where does the inspiration come from? As always, it comes from the world around me.

You could say that we've been getting out and about, or you could say I've been gathering inspiration. Lucky for me I can do both at the same time :-)

Flooded forest - lines and colour

Slacklining - lines and movement

Reflections and shadows

Beach, forest, clouds

Beach, islands, windswept sky, spot of red against green

Lake, mountains, sky, stripe of green

Big sky, poplars, lake

Movement, white, green

Often people look at my portfolio and have questions about what they see as my two styles - the illustrative watercolours and the abstracts. To me they're part of the same story ... a representation of the world around me.

Next post ... new abstract paintings I'm working on. Stay tuned!

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