little nz birds update

New Zealand bird books

Summer is here!

We've been having a lot of adventures outside (photos to come!), and in my studio my series of NZ Birds is ticking along quite nicely.

You'll notice I'm still on the little local birds. Birds I know well and see often. Everyone has been nagging for bigger, more 'famous' birds. Patience! They're coming :-)

Sketch for New Zealand fantail

Painting a New Zealand fantail

New Zealand fantail - watercolour, collage and ink on paper

New Zealand waxeye - watercolour, collage, and ink on paper

Drawing of New Zealand Tui

New Zealand Tui - watercolour, collage and ink on paper

Adding the collage wings to a New Zealand robin

New Zealand Robin - watercolour, collage and ink on paper


In my Etsy shop you can find the Bellbird, Fantail, Robin and Waxeye.
The Tui is sold.

You can also find all the birds as prints and on merchandise in my Redbubble store

NZ Birds on merchandise.

Thank you!

Thank you very much to everyone who has bought an original painting, or a tshirt or notebook or bag. Your support is appreciated hugely. And it is motivating me to keep going.

Commissions are welcome!

Tweet Tweet :-)


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