Monday 8 January 2024

snowy landscape in watercolour


Little red barn in the snow. Pen and watercolour.

There was something so evocative in this reference photo when I first saw it years ago. Something that said freezing cold, winter's day. But it was really the clarity of the colours that caught my imagination - so clear and vibrant.

It feels to me that watercolours are perfect for painting a scene like this. With minimal detail, big loose washes and a gentle touch, watercolours have a clarity all their own.

So in this lesson we focus on how to achieve beautiful washes. This scene may seem really simple, but when you've managed to make clear, unfussy washes, then you've really mastered one of the essential watercolour skills. We're going to leave detail behind and I'm going to show you how to concentrate on the painting process itself.

Happy painting!

Thanks to Jill Wellington on Pixabay for the reference photo.

Full video tutorial on Patreon and Renee's Studio.

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