Friday 17 May 2019

three weeks in serra de montsant

Tiny ermita on the summit ridge of Serra de Montsant

So good to be back in Spain! Our first 3 weeks we spent in the Serra de Monstant - starting back exactly where we left off last October. This region is fantastic for climbing and hiking and, as a result, I didn't do as much sketching as normal.

The light here is truly wonderful at this time of year and the deciduous trees are just starting to get new bright green leaves, including the grape vines, which seem to get leafier by the day. Such an incredible contrast to the cool autumn light we had when we left here last October.

Rock pools, Riu de Siurana

Spring vineyard, La Morera de Monstant


Rainy day, Panta de Margaleft

Old romanesque bridge

Now on to the Pyrenees where I'm hoping the snow is still on the hills.

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