Thursday 14 December 2017

heading south - new abstract landscape painting

"Heading South" - abstract landscape painting

At first glance this painting seems to be almost monochrome, a calming and serene blue and white. A closer look reveals a rich layering of colour, creating a depth to the water in the foreground.

The sweep of birds over the mountains is a contrast to the calm of the blue lake and, along with the vintage postcard image, represents a journey at the change of seasons.

"Heading South"
Acrylics and gold ink on untempered masonite
50.5cm x 60cm (0.5mm thick)
Sides of the panel are painted white


"Heading South" - abstract landscape painting

Detail of "Heading South" - sweep of birds over lake and mountains with vintage postcard image

Detail of "Heading South" - fine gold ink line above the teal stripe

Detail of "Heading South" - layers of colour give the water a sense of depth

Detail of "Heading South" - a sweep of birds and a vintage postcard

"Heading South" is available for purchase - Available here.

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