Thursday 17 September 2015

a week in chamonix

We recently spent a week in Chamonix, France. Famous for its location next to the Mont Blanc massif it's full of fit hikers, climbers, and people who like to fly. And so the town is, therefore, full of cafes and sport shops. And lots and lots of people. It was quite a contrast to the peaceful little villages further south in Devoluy. And the brown wooden and plaster buildings, big snowy mountains and green grass also took some getting used to sketching-wise.

At first I tried to find quiet, peaceful spots to sketch. But after a while I decided to embrace the chaos and even sketched some people.

Here are some of the sketches from the week...

Getting to be autumn now, but the flower boxes are still in full bloom everywhere.

Just a quick little one. The blue shutters against the dark wood caught my eye.

Typical Swiss-style chalets. And a beautiful blue and gold clock with musical chimes.

The view we had everyday from near where we camped.

Starting to add people now. My attempt at a crowd  :-)

After several attempts at trying to sketch a nearby cafe that kept being obstructed by
people, cars and motorbikes,
I erased that sketch and just drew the people.

I went to watch David and friends BASE jump from Aiguille du Midi (3800m). We were last here 20 years ago, to climb Mont Blanc and I had forgotten just how amazing the view was.

Now we are in the Dolomites in France. Back in peaceful, little villages. Hopefully not too long until the next blog post.

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  1. Looks awesome Renee. I haven't checked this site out for a while - you've been busy! Good prices too - hope you are making lots of sales xx