Friday 25 August 2023

paint a zebra in watercolour


Zebra - pen and watercolour

By the time you watch this video I will be in South Africa visiting my parents and we'll be in the Kruger National Park, hopefully seeing zebras in the flesh. Of course I'll have my sketchbook with me and I'll be sketching memories of our holiday, but before I left for the trip I couldn't help getting a head start. And painting something with you of course!

This gorgeous photo on Unsplash caught my eye. Such an intimate view of the zebra and such beautiful lighting. I knew that it would just glow in watercolours.

This may be one of my favourite paintings of all time.

Happy painting!

Full video tutorial on Patreon and on Renee's Studio.

Thanks to Hans Vens on Unsplash for the reference photo.

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