new postcard club


Original postcard paintings

Just launched! A new Patreon tier where you can receive an original postcard painting from me each month - the Postcard Club.

I love to paint tiny paintings, full of details and vibrant colours. Tiny paintings seem like little gems, a little bit precious. Each year I paint a lot of little postcards - I pull out a blank postcard when I want to revisit a scene I've painted before, to try out different compositions before I paint a large painting or to play with new ideas or materials. Sometimes I pop these into the mail to a friend, but often they just go into a drawer or a box. This seems a terrible shame!

Starting this month I've got a new membership tier on Patreon where you can receive an original mini-painting from me. The subject of the postcard will be a surprise for you! Because each postcard will be different and lovingly created by me, this tier is limited to just 6 people at the moment!

Folks in the Postcard Club have access to all the watercolour tutorials as well, the monthly challenges and the community forum.

International shipping is included.

I'm already looking forward to visiting the post office and sending out some old fashioned snail mail.

Join the club!


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