new app for artists - real sketch


Real Sketch - Android app for artists

We're super excited to announce the launch of our new Android app for artists - Real Sketch.

Real Sketch provides 6 drawing tools for professional artists and students...

1. TRACING (Free)

Use the tracing tool to draw your image onto any surface using the camera lens on your phone. Take photos with your phone or load images from your gallery and overlay them onto any surface. 

AR Tracing is much more versatile than a traditional lightbox. Tracing is not reliant on transparency - trace onto canvas, wood, paper or even your car.

Record a time-lapse video of your drawing to share on social media. It will look like you're doing some kind of magic!


Use a painter's color wheel to mix Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors to see the resulting mixed color along with its Tint, Tone and Shade.


Draw a scene with perfect linear perspective quickly and easily.
Measure angles or slopes and transfer them onto your paper using the side of your phone as a ruler.
Zoom in to view tiny details.
Learn to draw accurate linear perspective in practise.

4. COLOR HARMONIES (Paid version)

Pick a color from a photo or image to see it's Complimentary Color, as well as Split Complimentaries, Triads, and Analogous Colors. This can help you build your color palette. Colors are based on Itten's Color Wheel.

5. TONAL VALUES (Paid version)

View your scene in grayscale to help you get the correct tonal values without the need for trial and error.
Compare the tonal values of your artwork side-by side with those of the scene.

6. SLOPE GAUGE (Paid version)

Double check your drawing as you progress by checking the location of your eye-level line and any of the angles in a scene.

The app can be calibrated so that you can work flat or on an easel. Whatever is your preference.

Real Sketch - Android app for artists


☆ Non-digital artists
☆ Urban sketchers
☆ Plein air painters
☆ Portrait painters
☆ New artists learning to draw

Both the unpaid (Lite) and paid versions of Real Sketch are free of advertising.

You can upgrade to the full version within the app for a small cost, and this will enable the Color Harmonies, Tonal Values and Slope Gauge tools.

☆ Developed by artists for artists 🥰


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