upcoming online course - barns, huts, cottages, ruins


Online watercolour painting course with Renee Walden

My favourite subject - rustic, old buildings in rural settings. I'm always imagining the stories they could tell, if only they could speak. They're filled with character, and are so much fun to paint.

Join me in this live, online mini-course where we will paint them in pen and watercolour.

There will be 3 lessons, each 3 hours long. We will cover...

- Painting textures ... stonework, wood, rusty tin, and bricks.
- Setting the scene with trees, fields and flower-filled meadows.
- Painting interesting shadows that compliment your building. These can turn an average painting into something great.
- How to draw buildings accurately.
- A bit of compositional theory and how to tell a story with your painting

Class dates …
Sundays, 13, 20 and 27 March, 9am New Zealand Time.

UPDATE : Course is full :-)


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