Friday 27 August 2021

salut france!


Teaching an online, on location painting class via Zoom

We're back in the land of good wines, croissants, lavender, and immaculate villages full of flowers. And beautiful, rugged hills where the alpine flowers are still in full bloom. So awesome to be back in our favourite haunts with some of our favourite people.

If that is not enough, I've had the absolute joy of painting with a lovely group of folks from around the world. Via Zoom of course. 2 sketching dates in the Devoluy mountains south of Grenoble. In the first we painted a lovely, rustic house with a mountain backdrop and in the second a very imposing church. It's been amazing to me that I can stand outside and sketch, while others can follow along, no matter where they are. I can share the place, sounds and visits from locals too. Modern technology rocks!

If you'd like to join my next online class, please add yourself to my mailing list. Folks on the list get the booking details first.

Here are a few snaps from the last couple of weeks...

Rampant grape and blackberry vines covering an old house in Treminis L'Eglise.

Flower pots everywhere - the French do every bridge, window and corner in style

The day was grey and gloomy until I spotted that huge bush of yellow flowers :-)

Taking the high roads. Devoluy Mountains, France

Sketch of some cone flowers. The bush was taller than me!

Camping below silver birches, Les Ecrins, France

A bientot!

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