Friday 3 April 2020

painting fishing huts in pen and watercolour

In this video I show you how I painted these fishing huts in pen and watercolour, working from a photo I took a few weeks ago.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Materials list ... Paper - Fabriano Artistico, cold pressed, 300gsm, half sheet (58x38cm) Brushes - Daler Rowney, Skyflow, 1.5" flat Kaerell, Raphail, No 2 round Escoda, Perla, No 10 round AS Handover, No 2 round Colours - Winsor & Newton - Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Hue MaimeriBlu - Paynes Grey, Cadmium Yellow Light, Burnt Umber, Dragons Blood, Permanent Violet Daniel Smitth - Natural Sienna, Hansa Yellow Light, Sap Green Pens - Lamy Safari with EF and F nibs. DeAtrementis Document Ink. White Posca Marker.

And a few progress photos...

Big summer sky with puffy clouds

Distant mountains

Finished painting

Fishing Huts at Falls Dam, Maniototo
Pen and watercolour
Available - please contact me for details.


  1. When your paper buckles do you not get puddles forming in the lowest valleys of the buckled paper?

    1. Yes it does form puddles sometimes. You can be ready with a thirsty brush to pick these up, or tilt your board to run the paint where you want it, even off the page if that's better.