Friday 17 January 2020

painting flowers in watercolour and ink : class photos

Little packages of arty materials and a room full of flowers

Another fantastic Saturday with 7 lovely folks painting flowers. 

We spent the morning learning a bit of watercolour theory - how to apply washes, wet on dry vs wet on wet, mark making, transparent vs opaque colours and some colour mixing theory.
In the afternoon the students dived in with painting fresh flowers of their choice.

Everyone worked hard, they took away a heap of new skills and I'm looking forward to them sharing their next paintings with me.

Watercolour theory

Watercolour theory

Watercolour theory

Painting Spanish Lavender

Grannie's Bonnet in watercolour and ink

Dahlia in watercolour and ink

Hydrangea petals in watercolour and ink

Getting started painting flowers in watercolour and ink

My next workshop is learning to paint outside. It's a full weekend course on 1 & 2 February 2020. I have one spot left. Get in touch if you'd like that space to be yours.

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