a special commission

Descending The Quarterdeck, Mount Aspiring National Park

All commissions are special. You get to work closely with someone to create something unique that marries your vision with theirs. But this one was extra special.

Lexi, David and I climbed Mount Aspiring together in 2012. It was a fantastic trip ... we had perfect weather, perfect snow conditions and a perfect team. When Lexi approached me recently to paint a picture from that trip in my unique style, I was pretty darn excited. I went through lots of photos we'd taken during the climb and chose a few to work from. I wanted something with both Lexi and I in it.

While my heart is in each and every painting, I've never actually put a representation of myself in one. That was such fun! To create a memory with both of us in it - well very special indeed.

The painting shows us descending The Quarterdeck (the glacier face behind us), with Mount French behind.

Big thanks to David who took lots of photos of us that I could work from. And, of course, an extra special thanks to Lexi who asked me to put something very special on paper.


Descending The Quarterdeck - me left, Lexi right

The Quarterdeck and Mount French - detail of larger painting


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