Thursday 22 March 2018

just another mushroom

Watercolour of a forest mushroom

I'd been visiting this mushroom everyday from when I first spotted it just peeping out of the ground. Each day it was just a little bigger, and a little more perfect.

One evening David and I decided to take a photo. So there we were lying on the ground clearing the foreground carefully, snapping away when Zulu (our dog) snuffled up, nose to the ground, all curious about what we looking at. 2 seconds later the mushroom was flattened!

We looked at her in horror. 😯 She looked back at us with a look that said "It's just another mushroom, guys!". Then we collapsed with laughter 😂

So here is just another mushroom, guys!
"Amanita muscaria"
Watercolour and ink

I'll be releasing a set of watercolour paintings at the end of the month. This will be one of them. You will find them here.

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