Sunday 26 February 2017

the gift : new mixed media painting

'The Gift' : mixed media painting on canvas

I think it's now official, with portrait no.5, that I have started a new series. This series I'm calling 'Gaia' after the Greek goddess, the ancestral mother of all life, the Mother Earth goddess.

I am pretty obsessed with these paintings. Like never before. While working on one they consume my every waking thought and even keep me awake at night ;-) I will happily spend 10 hours a day in my studio working layer by layer. They are truly a labour of love.

Giving something back...

When I sold 'Protect' (the Gaia holding the world in my previous post), I felt a strong need to give something back to a worthy cause. That week 400 whales stranded on a beach at the top of the South Island of New Zealand and most of them died. People struggled for days to keep them alive and refloat them. I really wanted to help, but knew we couldn't get there in time. I made a decision right then to donate part of my earnings from the sale of 'Protect' to Greenpeace New Zealand to help them put a stop to the seismic blasting that is happening off the coast of New Zealand at the moment. While it's not clear if this had anything to do with the whale stranding, it is pretty clear in my mind that the blasting must be having a terrible effect on sea life.

Following on from this, I plan to donate 10% of the sale of this new painting to a worthy environmental cause. And I intend to continue to do this with each painting I complete in this series.

Without further ado, I introduce 'The Gift'

'The Gift' - mixed media painting of Gaia holding a living tree

'The Gift'
Mixed media on exhibition canvas
Acrylics, collage and acrylic inks
101cm x 51cm (3.5cm deep)
Ready to hang. No need to frame. Sides of the canvas are painted black
Finished with matte varnish

NZ$650 (+ shipping)
Just drop me a line if you would like her to be yours.

Detail of 'The GIft' - mixed media painting on canvas

Detail of 'The Gift' - mixed media portrait of Gaia on canvas

Detail of "The Gift" - mixed media portrait painting

Drop me a line if you would like her to be yours :-)

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