Sunday 15 January 2017

portrait of heidi

After completing the last portrait 'Reflection' (see previous post), Heidi and I decided we should quickly dive into another to prove to ourselves that it wasn't beginners luck!

Not to be faint-hearted we also decided to up the challenge a bit. Someone on Facebook had an idea we paint each other.

We've discovered the pressure of painting someone you know! While that person is in the same room with you, painting next to you and peeping over your shoulder frequently to check progress. And offer suggestions!

Here's my process....

Monochrome underpainting in teal and white

Face and body underpainting complete. I think I have a likeness! :-)

Adding a bit of green to the shadow areas.

Yay! She's no longer a corpse. Adding warm skin tones.

Face and body complete. Now working on the hair, flowers and background.

'Portrait of Heidi'

'Portrait of Heidi'

Acrylics and collage on paper
56 x 56 cm

Not available. A gift for Heidi.

PS - Reflection for sale!

'Reflection', the portrait in the previous post is now available for sale in my shop. You can view her here...

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