Tuesday 9 June 2015

back in France

Here is one of our favourite places in the world ... the Gorges de la Bourne in the Vercors mountains just south of Grenoble. This valley has rock climbing, BASE jumping and lots of old villages perfect for painting. The French resistance had a big stronghold here and there's plenty of history.

The tiny village of Choranche is our base. Our home away from home, we've spent many summer months here. And although it's very tiny and perhaps has no more than 30 buildings, I always seem to find a new view to sketch. It's also nice to repaint scenes - I have some that are almost a tradition.

Here is a new one...

It's always daunting to do the first sketch in a new book. I always feel a bit relieved after I make the first mark. Somehow after the first mark it doesn't matter if the drawing works out or not. I just have to get started :-)

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